Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning?

Anybody out there feeling the urge to purge? I know with the temperatures warming up a bit, spring cleaning fever is going to hit all of you. Don't toss your stuff-yet!

Peter and I are planning a HUGE fundraising garage sale in the first part of May. We've got a bunch of stuff, but we're also looking for stuff that people want to donate to the garage sale. If you've got some bigger items, furniture, etc or just the usual household/kids/toy clutter-we want it! Anything you donate will be appreciated and all of the money raised goes directly to our adoption. I read online of one couple in our agency that had a garage sale this past fall-it was 3 days long, they slept in the bed of their truck to prevent stealing (!) but made $5000 to fund their adoption. That's awesome and encouraging. So, think of us as you're doing your cleaning-early May is our approximate date and we can start taking the donations probably a week ahead or so. SPREAD THE WORD!

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