Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update on where we're at right now...

Peter and I have been working on our Hague training all week. It took many hours and many phone calls to figure out exactly what we needed to do (including talking to the person in charge of all of this for DCFS).  But, now we know what to do and we're trying to do a seminar a night, and hopefully it will be done soon!

Our home study is coming along and our social worker is waiting now for us to finish with the training and the state of Illinois to say that our background checks look good.  Once this is done, a copy is sent with our Advance Petition for an Orphan to the CIS department.  The approval from CIS can take 2 months or so-we've been told it has been quicker lately, so we're hoping for the best.  After that, we get EVERYTHING in order and send off the dossier,

We've ordered sample shirts and will screen print them soon to have examples of adult and kiddo sized shirts.  We're looking to put together a big order to avoid shipping and such!   So, be on the look out for our shirt orders.

We've also started fundraising by selling coupon books to our local grocery store.  They cost $5 to buy and we make $3 out of every sale. It is full of great coupons and the first one is for $5 off!  BUY ONE (or TWO) today!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers-we really feel so many people lifting us up in this journey and are so happy that you're along for the ride with us.

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